ac coupled energy systems hawaii

Getting more utility out of an existing grid-tied PV / Solar system means adding AC-coupling. OutBack's solutions brings Grid/Hybrid capability (grid tied during normal conditions, off-grid when you really need it) to an existing grid tied only system by integrating a second smarter Radian inverter/charger along with a battery bank for energy storage. The result is a system that saves money when the grid's up and saves everything when it's down by combining grid-tied savings with off-grid dependability and security.

OutBack's system is the only AC-coupling solution that meets the UL-1741 standard from end to end. Based on the renowned Radian inverter/charger and incorporating the new EON Technology batters, OutBack's 8 Kw system takes features and technology proven in demanding off-grid applications and applies the3m to meet next-grid needs, including superior power quality and generator protection, and tighter voltage regulation to better handle dynamic grid conditions.

Built in split/phase design elimantes teh need for an external transformer, another benefit derived from the demandin off-grid world. AC-coupling represents the next step in renewable energy's evolution for business and residential applications; OutBacks system is a powerful, flexible one-brand solutions designed to bring the benefits of AC-coupling to a wide range of users.