Installing a photovoltaic solar system for your home or business is easy!

solar-solutions-reason-to-go-solar-1Consultation & Design: An energy specialist from Kama'aina Solar Solutions will perform a complete energy analysis and provide efficient methods on how to reduce your energy consumption. Kamaaina Solar Solutions will then design a custom photovoltaic system to best meet your energy needs.

reasons-to-go-solar-22. Financing: Kamaaina Solar Solutions offers favorable financing options to make your Solar photovoltaic installation easy. We work closely with our family of lenders handling your loan process, saving you a trip to the bank.

reasons-to-go-solar-33. Pre-Inspection & Net Metering Approval: Once the system design is approved, Kamaaina Solar Solutions submits for permits, Home Owner's Association applications, and HECO Net Energy Metering (NEM.) Net Metering allows HECO to track any unused electricity produced by your photovoltaic system, thus crediting your account.

reasons-to-go-solar-44. Installation: As soon as your permits have been approved, a project coordinator will schedule a convenient date for your certified team to install your photovoltaic energy system. Completion of your project should take 1 – 3 days from the start of installation.

reasons-to-go-solar-55. Enjoy the Savings: You're now producing your own FREE energy. Congratulations, your savings has begun!

reasons-to-go-solar-66. Final Inspection, Closing Permit, & Activation: After the installation has been completed the city inspectors will review your system and close your permit. At this time, HECO will be notified to schedule one their representatives to visit your home to install and activate your new net energy meter.

reasons-to-go-solar-77. Review: Your Kama'aina Solar representative will meet with you to ensure that you are satisfied with your installation and provide you with all supporting documentation including manuals, warranties and answer any further questions you may have.

reasons-to-go-solar-88. Clean Power Maintenance: Kamaaina Solar Solutions offers a complete comprehensive maintenance program to assure your system is operating at maximum performance. As an added value and a token of our appreciation, Kama'aina Solar Solutions will perform a FREE thorough inspection and cleaning of your PV system on your one year anniversary.

Mahalo for joining the Kama'aina family.

Start saving money today through the freedom of a Photovoltaic Solar System!