Solar Financing for hawaii homeowners and businessesKama'aina Solar Solutions offers a variety of different finance options, so no matter what your financial situation we have an option that meets your needs.

Leasing--The Ali'i Power Plan

With the Ali'i Power Plan, you can start saving on your electric bill today with little to no upfront cost. The Ali'i Power Plan makes it easy to have a PV Solar System installed on your home, but also gives you the option to purchase your system later with our Green Purchase Plan options.

  • Increase the value of your home
  • PV System maintenance and maximum performance guaranteed
  • Expand your PV system at a later date to meet future energy needs
  • Lease options allow you to purchase the system, renew lease agreement or request system removal
  • The highest quality products and services from our certified and in-house installers and customer service team

Pre-Paid--Kama'aina Plan

The Kama'aina Plan is a lease and purchase hybrid with all of the lease maintenance and options of the Ali'i Power Plan. The Homeowner is responsible for 65% of the original contract value up front and in return receives 20 years of absolutely free electricity. The Kama'aina Plan is ideal for those with a fixed incomes or those unable to make a complete system purchase. 

Green Purchase Plan

By purchasing a PV solar system homeowners can take advantage of all state and federal tax incentives, which can reduce the cost of the system by as much as 65%. An average system pays for itself in anywhere between 4-7 years and can last many decades, which means years of significant savings. The Green Purchase plan gives the homeowner the most savings but may not be the right option for everyone, that's why we've paired with local and national banks in order to provide you with the most competitive solar loan rates.

Start saving money today through the freedom of a Photovoltaic Solar System!