June through September are the hottest months in Hawaii, and utility bills can climb by 30%-50% during summertime. Hawaii solar companies will often leverage your rising electric bills into a photovoltaic solar evaluation, but if you haven't decided on going solar yet, here are 6 easy tips to keep your home cool this summer and save you money.

Hawaii electricity rates are rising fast as a result of HECO's lost revenue to the increased amount of photovoltaic solar systems on Oahu.

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You don't have to install PV Solar just to save money on your utility bill

Even though Hawaii celebrates a tropical interpretation of the December / January Holidays, we like to decorate our homes with flashing and dazzling lights too. But whenever you are plugging in additional appliances for Holiday cooking and long strings of decorative lights, that means your utility bill will increase, sometimes by as much as double!

Kamaiaina Solar Solutions will be at the 2014 BIA Show Hawaii all weekend long! Not only will be giving away pens, calendars, mouse pads, golf balls, bags, sun glasses and other fun items, we will also be giving away your choice: 'Tent Fumigation, Ground Treatment, or 1 year pest control!' FREE!

...Or at least we hope we did!

We had a great time meeting old and new friends, and talking story about Hawaii energy solutions! We will be announcing our BIA Show Accelera heat pump winners sometime this week.

Kama'aina Solar Solutions is just finishing up the footings for Rainbow Drive-In's new solar canopy. Solar PV panels will be installed once the solar canopy is finished being constructed. A solar canopy for Rainbow Drive-in had the advantage of increased roof space that maintained existing parking space. Additionally, the solar canopy / car port structure still qualifies for the 30% Federal solar tax credit

For maximum sun exposure in Hawaii, PV Solar panels need to face true south rather than magnetic south. If your roof faces east or west, while not ideal you can still generate a very high percentage of total possible sun power. It is perhaps more important to make sure the solar panels are installed on the same plane as the roof pitch or roof direction, as opposed to building mounts to awkwardly angle the panels.

Getting Off The Energy Grid

Off-grid Solar PV systems can be expensive and are not for everyone. Generally, off grid solar PV users are a different breed of energy consumers, utilizing a wide variety of energy saving methods to meet their overall energy needs--as opposed to your standard, suburban home energy user.

Starting today at 5 pm, Kama'aina Hawaii Solar Solutions will be at the 2014 BIA 'The Big Hawaii Show'! We will not only be giving away tons of FREE swag and a chance to win an Accelra Heat Pump Water Heater, but we will also be giving away a FREE LED light makeover!!