Carbon Dioxide reading from NOAH's lab atop Mauna Loa on Big Island reached a new milestone: 400 parts per million. Initially chosen because of its sheer isolation,

When the Turanor PlanetSolar boat docked on May 18 in Marigot, St. Martin, it broke the speed record for a transatlantic crossing in a solar-powered boat.

Of course, PlanetSolar had only its own record to beat.

More Reason to Consider Placing a Photovoltaic System on Your Hawaii Home

There's no question Hawaii's electric rates have risen dramatically over the past twenty (20) years, nearly tripling on Oahu to over $0.33 per kWh.

Did you know that the meat industry contributes nearly one-fifth of the man-made greenhouse gas emissions accelerating climate change? According to the Environmental Working Group, if every American eliminated both meat and cheese from their diet for one day a week, it would be equivalent to removing 7.6 million cars from the road. Try this recipe out (from Fitness Magazine) for a tasty and healthy meat-less meal. You can also reduce greenhouse gas emissions by going installing pv solar panels on your home!

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Kama'aina Solar Solutions has compiled a list of the 5 most frequently asked questions related to photovoltaic solar installations in Hawaii.

Relying only on Photovoltaic Solar Systems is Not Enough

How You Can Lower Your Energy Bill This Summer By Using These Common Sense Tips

The truth is Hawaii gets hot. Really hot. During the scorching and humid months from June to October, residents begin to crank up their less than efficient AC window units to find relief.

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And why pv solar will matter to more and more state residents

Hawaii has long been considered one of the best markets for photovoltaic solar in the United States, given our generous state and federal tax rebates. Last month Governor Neil Abercrombie just made it easier for state residents to invest in photovoltaic solar in Hawaii with Senate Bill 1087.