SOlar panels directionPhotovoltaic (PV) solar panel relies on sunlight to generate electricity and the angle the panel is slanted towards the sun will affect its output. For homeowners in Hawaii, your solar panel should be installed facing true south also known as geographic south or solar south because Hawaii is located in the Northern hemisphere.

When your PV panels are set to face true south in Hawaii, it enjoys optimal exposure to sunlight and generates maximum electricity. As such, you will enjoy maximum solar energy which translates to significant savings on your electricity bill.

But true south in Hawaii is a slightly different direction from the magnetic south you can detect with a compass. A compass points in direction of the south pole of the earth’s geomagnetic field. It is the appropriate general direction but not the exact.

This is so because the earth’s outer core is made up of fluid that is made of iron and nickel which pulls the needle of a compass slightly away from true south. This magnetic declination or pull affects the exact direction of true south in Hawaii.

To ensure the compass reading is accurate, our experts at Kamaaina Solar and Energy Solutions will calculate the magnetic declination of your site to make sure your solar panel is installed facing true south. But if the direction of your roof doesn’t face the south, you can mount the panel on a south-facing wall or on the ground if you have enough space in your yard or anywhere else that will slant the panel’s angle towards the south.

PV panels facing the West in Hawaii are less productive because they are not slanted at the most appropriate angle towards the sun, but are sometimes a property owners best and only solution.

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