best solar energy appsEnergy efficiency and consequent savings are always important to homeowners across the country. Also, U.S. Department of Energy supports home energy efficiency because it reduces climate change and promotes cleaner breathable air.
Home buyers too are constantly looking out for energy efficient appliances, Minimum Efficiency Reporting Values (MERV) and solar panel systems indicating that the home has dependable air filters.

Here is a list of the leading five home efficiency apps that can ensure you enjoy the benefits of going green and saving cost:

This app indicates solar production and energy consumption on the homes of customers. Also, the EnergyExplorer feature of the app will indicate the estimated energy consumption of a typical home whether it has solar installed or not.

This app allows homeowners to create profiles for all their utilities and then analyzes the consumption from key appliances. With the generated data, homeowners can save money and time by cutting wasteful consumption as well as wear-and-tear on household appliances.

Thermostat controls several of the home’s energy and you may be paying for energy you’re using. The Nest thermostat and app makes thermostat programing absolutely easier. Nest can help you save both your heating and cooling bills just by regulating the temperature in your home while you’re not monitoring them.

Netatmo Weather Stations uses CO2 readings, relative humidity and temperature inside your home to alert you when you should open the window rather than turn on the AC. Also, the app allows you to track your indoor environment over time. That way you can plan your thermostats accordingly.

This app allows you to monitor your daily water usage, food consumption, recycling and transportation. These activities the app tracks make it easier to minimize carbon footprints, rack up saved carbon units in the app, and keep the climate cold enough for a polar bear to survive.