July 21st, 2015

uofnKama’aina Solar Solutions has been chosen as the EPC (Engineering Procurement and Construction) for University of The Nations grid tied PV system with battery backup. The system will consist of a 412kW PV array, using Sunpreme GxB Modules and additional day time production will be stored in a combination of Li ion and Flow Batteries. The power controls and batteries will be provided by ZBB Energy. In the event that the utilities grid is down for any reason, the school will be able to run critical loads indefinitely.

“We at KSS feel that the future of commercial PV in Hawaii will incorporate power controls and storage. This will allow commercial projects to exceed the 100kW limitations of a NEM and the day time production limitations of a SIA. Storage will help bring stability to the utilities grid and allow for potential supply response programs with HELCO/MECO/HECO,” Kamaaina Solar Solutions General Manager Matt Cosbie said.

Based in Honolulu, Hawaii, Kamaaina Solar & Energy Solutions specializes in commercial photovoltaic solar technology throughout the Hawaiian Islands.

In a statement earlier this week, Brad Hansen, president and COO of Wisconsin based ZBB Energy said, “There are hundreds of thousands of commercial, industrial and campus locations in our target markets that are paying high electricity rates or have poor power quality. Our products and services solve both problems, and do so more economically than other offerings in the market.”

The $3 million, 20-year power purchase agreement, is scheduled to be completed in two phases starting in the fourth quarter of this year.