logoDuane Shimogawa: Pacific Business NewsPacific Business News :: ZBB Energy Corp., a Wisconsin-based developer of energy management systems, has signed a 20-year power purchase agreement with the University of the Nations on the Big Island for a $3 million project, one of the firm's partners told PBN Tuesday.

The project includes a 408-kilowatt solar photovoltaic system, batteries and electronic power controls, and is expected to generate more than $2.4 million in energy savings for the private Christian university over the lifetime of the agreement.

In addition to the savings, the system is expected to provide power during grid outages, although the university will still be connected to the grid.

The installation is scheduled to be completed in two phases starting in the fourth quarter of this year.

Project partners include Honolulu-based Kamaaina Solar Solutions, Maui’s Morikawa & Associates LLC and Tian Shan Renewable Energy LLC, which is headed by Ted Peck, former administrator for the state Energy Office.

Peck told PBN that the university’s installation will be the fourth project for ZBB Energy in Hawaii. The other three are a Honolulu condominium, a low-income housing project in Honolulu, and a project involving the Hawaii National Guard at Joint Base Hickam-Pearl Harbor.

“There are hundreds of thousands of commercial, industrial and campus locations in our target markets that are paying high electricity rates or have poor power quality,” Brad Hansen, president and COO of ZBB Energy, said in a statement. “Our products and services solve both problems, and do so more economically than other offerings in the market.”

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