June through September are the hottest months in Hawaii, and utility bills can climb by 30%-50% during summertime. Hawaii solar companies will often leverage your rising electric bills into a photovoltaic solar evaluation, but if you haven't decided on going solar yet, here are 6 easy tips to keep your home cool this summer and save you money.



1.) Before deciding to run your air-conditioner unit, open all windows to allow for cross-ventilation from Hawaii's cooling trade winds.

2.) Swap out older incandescent light bulbs with newer, cooler, and much more efficient compact florescent light (CFL) bulbs. On average, CFL's use 75% less energy and produce significantly less heat.

3.) Run all ceiling fan units so air is down drafting toward the floor; this will create a 'wind chill' effect making you and your home feel cooler. Utilizing your fans rather than an air conditioning unit can save you up to $72 per month.

4.) Use tinted solar window film, awnings or blinds on all south and west facing windows to block out the afternoon sun. Solar window film is capable of reducing 80% of the suns incoming heat.

5.) Plant trees and shrubs if possible on the south and west facing sides of your home. Trees and shrubs placed appropriately in your yard can cool your home by up to 40%.

6.) Keep cool air in by closing all windows and doors while running your air conditioner.  Having a single partially open window can reduce the efficiency of your air conditioner by up to 50%.

If you are considering photovoltaic solar for your hawaii home, check out our 'why photovoltaic solar now' page.