Hawaii electricity rates are rising fast as a result of HECO's lost revenue to the increased amount of photovoltaic solar systems on Oahu.



According to a Star Advertiser report, HECO continues to justify significant rate increases for needed expenses such as meter reading and billing, and the fixed cost of providing electrical service for those with Hawaii photovoltaic systems.

2012 saw a 2.2% rate increase, which was down from the original requested 6.6% increase. Similarly, HECO requested a 4.2% increase for 2013 that was contested and defeated by the state government.

Hawaii Electric Rate Rise Graph: 1990-2012

The Hawaii Solar Panel Utility Bill Solution

Utility consumers only need to look at utility rate trends from the previous two decades to know that electricity rates will continue to climb. The perceived 'burden' of photovoltaic solar by HECO, will only acerbate yearly and monthly rate increase requests as they attempt to cover expenses for obligated services.

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