Solar PV panels in Hawaii have gone from being an the occasional roof to an ubiquitous, everywhere you turn common sight. Hawaii property owners, fed up with skyrocketing utility rates took to PV solar like an energy life raft.


Fueled by the decreasing cost of solar panels (nearly 60% between 2011-2013), along with continuing state and federal solar tax rebates, over 94% of Hawaii homeowners want more solar capacity. In the same opinion poll, 90% of Hawaii residents believe HECO is intentionally slowing rooftop PV installations to protect profits. The take home message is Hawaii residents believe solar is a viable energy solution--and they want it now.

"There's never been a better time to invest in solar. Super efficient, durable panels at lower and lower price points make it hard to not install solar," says solar project manager Matt Cosbie. "Even with HECO slowing down home owner permits, the current state and federal tax rebates may not be around forever. We encourage our customers to get on the permit list now, even if they are in a high sun zone," Cosbie said.

Solar panel companies like LG and Suniva Optimus panels continue to innovate with hybrid technologies, and more efficient cell architecture that produce significant more power than conventional solar panels. This is great for homeowners worried about recouping their solar investment over the standard 25 year life expectancy of a rooftop system.

"As solar PV systems become more efficient, property owners will only see their rate of return increase," said solar PV expert Brian Fujikani. Fujikani also recommended property owners closely review their utility bills to understand what they use on a monthly basis and yearly basis. "Utility usage data is important when property owners are trying to design a solar PV system and calculate the pay pack period," Fujikani said.

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