Hawaii Solar: Energy Solution or Energy Nuisance?

Hawaii has experienced unprecedented solar PV growth that had not shown signs of slowing down until the end of 2013. Installing solar on your Hawaii property is still an excellent investment and the best way to dramatically reduce your utility bill; however, with the HECO permitting process slowed down, there are some additional items to consider before installing PV solar on your home.


Advantages of Hawaii Solar Power

1.) Dramatically reduced utility bill: This is perhaps property owners #1 reason for installing solar on their home or business--to save money. Hawaii not only has the highest utility rates in the nation, and also the most significant year after year energy kilo-watt rate increases. Installing solar is a way for your to take ownership and control of rapidly rising energy costs in the State of Hawaii.

2.) Clean Energy: Although there is some debate about how clean the fabrication of solar panels actually is, solar energy is a zero carbon energy source. Going solar has the added benefit of knowing your energy consumption does not contribute to greenhouse gas and climate change.

3.) A virtually unlimited and FREE power source: The sun is FREELY available to everyone, everywhere on planet earth. It's the most democratic and accessible off all power sources. As the cost of solar PV panels and installation decreases, more and more people will have access to this incredible technology.

4.) Long lasting: Solar PV systems can last a long time. Even in Hawaii's hot and sunny environment, PV systems can last 25-30 years. Kamaaina Solar Solutions solar panels have 25 year warranties, guaranteeing your return on investment continues year after year.

5.) Get off the grid: Complete battery backup systems are still cost prohibitive, and not for all property owners. But as battery technology improves, the cost will continue to decrease making this a viable option. Learn more about Off-Grid Solar PV Systems.

6.) No Solar Spills: If you've ever seen the heartbreaking images of an oil spill, you'll know just how dirty and risky our states petrolatum based energy supply is to our already stressed and threatened shoreline. Going solar ensures your power source is helping to preserve our oceans and beaches.

7.) Net metering: HECO credits you back for excess energy your system generates. This allows property owners to offset the cost of power drawn from the grid.

8.) Tax rebates: Hawaii property owners can take advantage of both federal and state tax rebates, which can reduce the cost of your solar installation by up to 65%.

Disadvantages of Hawaii Solar Power

1.) Initial Installation Cost: Yes installing solar PV can be expensive, but with continuing state and local tax credits you can reduce your initial installation price tag by up to 60%. Kamaaina Solar Solutions also offers a sunPower Hawaii solar lease with a $0 down, 0% interest lease program. Our solar lease program allows you to save 50% OFF your current electrical bill with very little money down. Learn more about our SunPower Solar Lease.

2.) Energy production depends on weather: Leeward and windward residents will experience dramatically different solar production rates. Cloud cover, rain, temperature, vegetation, sun orientation all affect the energy production of a solar PV system.

3.) Night use: Similar to weather, solar panels cannot produce energy at night and draw power from the local utility.

4.) Expense of going OFF-Grid: Often cited as the ultimate in energy independence, Off-Grid systems are expensive and require maintenance. Solar battery backup technology is improving and cost is decreasing.

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