On April 28th, the Public Utilities Commission rejected HECO's clean energy transition plan because it failed to serve the public interest. The PUC gave HECO 120 days to come up with a better plan to lower rates and increase access to rooftop solar. The deadline is up next Tuesday.

solar sucess

As HECO slashed the number of solar permits issued in half over the last year, thousands of you have spoken up and taken action. The message is simple: to reach energy independence, we need a plan for solar success. Without a plan to revive it, solar will remain on life support.

We have one more chance to make that message stick. Click here to join us on Monday, August 25th from 5:30pm - 7:30pm as we hold a candle lit vigil for solar outside HECO headquarters in Honolulu.

As the saying goes, a failure to plan is a plan to fail. Solar success requires proactive planning from our utility, legislators and regulators. HECO's negligence means thousands of families are unable to reap the benefits of solar energy and hundreds of local contractors are out of work as solar struggles to survive.

Hawai'i has been home to many firsts when it comes to energy and electricity. In 1886, Iolani Palace was the first royal residence to be lit with electricity. In 1891, Hawaiian Electric was one of the first utility companies to incorporate in the United States. Let's keep our tradition of firsts headed in the right direction by being the first state to take full advantage of our clean energy resources, not the first state to let solar momentum die.

Click here to support Hawaii solar at this critical juncture and call for a plan for solar success.

With aloha,

Caitlin Pomerantz
Conservation Program Coordinator
Sierra Club of Hawai'i